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A Mark Dickson Story written by Mindi Combs
California Wild Sheep - Summer 2012


There’s a story told by Henry Old Coyote in the Bighorn Canyon’s National Recreation Area’s book about a father, or maybe a stepfather, seemingly possessed by evil spirits. This father attempts to kill his son while they are at a place called Hole-in-the-Wall in the Bighorns. The evil spirits make the man push his heir from a steep cliff, but the boy survives because he is caught by some trees growing in the canyon wall. The boy sits on a perch for days, and when nearly dead from hunger and exhaustion, seven bighorn sheep led by the chief of the bighorns, Big Metal (who is described as having horns and hooves of shiny steel) rescue the boy.

by Sarah Cummings
The Huntin' Fool - May 2012


When my boyfriend, Tom Willoughby, used my address to fill out some Fish and Game paperwork, I thought the information was simply in preparation to renew my hunting license. I soon realized that Tom had actually entered me for a sheep tag in the California White Mountains.

Weeks later I received a successful draw letter from California Department of Fish and Game. When I told Tom, he shook his head and said, "You have got to be kidding me! You were drawn for a Bighorn ram in the White Mountains. This is once-in-a-lifetime!"

by Michael Silliman
The Huntin' Fool - May 2012

Michael Silliman 2012 Huntin' Fool ArticleEverybody knows that if your application isn't in by a given date, you don't get a preference point for that, year, so I send my application in early. A couple of years ago, I got my application back from the post office the day after the deadline- no point that year. Without max points for sheep in California you might as well have none, so I began applying for units with only one tag. I figured that the max point guys would apply for multi -tag units to get a preference draw plus a chance at a random draw. That strategy worked!

I knew nothing about the Orocopias, which was the zone I applied for and had finally drew my tag in, but hey, I could do this! I began making phone calls for information about my unit. Every question I asked seemed to go unanswered. Spot kill maps, none. Guzzler locations, nothing. I couldn't believe it. I certainly wasn't going to ask the outfitters that were phoning me, offering guide service, for free information. Their knowledge is their livelihood.

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