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by Kurt Lanning
The Huntin' Fool - September 2013


Prior to talking to Tim Mercier in late May of 2012 I had been applying for different units for 11 years. Then, after his recommendation, I put in for one particular zone instead. When the draws were posted online I was ecstatic when I saw that I had drawn the tag. I called Tim immediately to book a 14-day hunt with him.

For a long 6 months I waited for the hunt date with numerous calls back and forth to Tim and his partner, Cliff St. Martin, of Dry Creek Outfitters. I had also drawn a unit 221/222 early elk hunt in Nevada, which was to take place in November. With these two hunts booked my fall hunting was going to make for a very exciting hunting season for my wife, Mary Margaret, and myself, with high expectations for both hunts.

by Kurt Lanning
Califonia Wild Sheep - Summer 2013


The Clipper Mountains "Golden Hammer"
by Kurt Lanning

(From Califonia Wild Sheep - Summer 2013)

For a long six months I waited for the hunt date, with numerous calls back and forth to Tim Mercier and Cliff St. Martin of Dry Creek Outfitters. With their stories and more research my excitement intensified, making it even harder to be patient. I had also drawn a Unit 221/222 early elk hunt in Nevada which was to take place in November. With these two hunts booked, my fall hunting was going to make for a very exciting hunting season for my wife, Mary Margaret, and me, with high expectations for both hunts.

During my elk hunt in Nevada, I passed on 162 different bulls. Unfortunately, I also managed to injure my calf muscle, which apparently caused a deep vein thrombosis that led to a pulmonary embolus. Even though I exercise and stay in good physical condition, this caused me to come to a halt. Prior to a doctor's visit, I did not know why (all of a sudden) I was not able to get any air when exerting. Thinking it was maybe walking pneumonia (without a cough), I went to the doctor for antibiotics so I would be able to hike on the sheep hunt. Upon an ultrasound of my leg, they discovered a clot in that calf, which caused the pulmonary embolus. I was immediately put in the hospital for four days, not knowing if I was going to be able to go on my once-in-a-lifetime sheep hunt which was scheduled to take place in three weeks.

by Bob Richert
California Wild Sheep - Winter 2012

bob-rickert-articleMy quest to draw all of the tough draw animals in California started well over a decade before. I had drawn two X-Zone mule deer tags and an elk tag in the past six years. I was gaining notoriety with my friends as someone who they didn't want to be friends with anymore. I figured someone had to draw them, so why not me. We'll call it a lucky streak, but for how long, no one knows.

After being at max points for antelope and sheep for ten years, I figured I would draw an antelope tag. It was just a matter of time.

by Britt-Marie Jacobson-Bogue
Relentless 365 - Summer/Fall 2012


Let us begin this story back in june 2011. I was with a girlfriend on a cruise to the Caribbean. We were on the ship, "Oasis of the Sea", one of the largest cruise ships in the world. We had a wonderful time. When I returned home, my husband Dan handed me an envelope. It was from the California Department of Fish and Game. I opened the envelope and I couldn't believe what I was reading. We had been applying in California for about 22 years. We always said that our donations were going to a good cause, never really expecting to be drawn. Well, this year I was one of the lucky ones. I had been drawn for a California Bighorn Sheep Tag I We just couldn't believe it!

by Caleb Crawford
Califonia Wild Sheep - Spring 2013

HF-Calib-150Matt's emphatic, "Take him!" had hardly been uttered when toots exploded, launching the 130 grain Federal Triple Shock bullet steeply downward that smashed into the excellent Orocopia ram. In the blink of an eye, I was the happiest guy on the planet.

It all started back in June 2012. I'd received a letter from DFG congratulating me for being drawn for themdesert sheep hunt in the Orocopia Mountains. If I'd only known! I called Dad, "What's this all about?" And he started laughing. He had put in applications for both of us, never saying a word to me. Surprise! We talked for a moment, then Dad said he'd call Uncle Paul. Gazillion phone calls later we were hooked up with Cliff St. Martin and Dry Creek Outfitters. Cliff is
a lifelong friend of my Dad.

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