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Bob Richert (2012-2013)

Bob drew his tag in the White Mountain hunt zone of California and harvested the first ram of the 2012-13 season. The 8-year-old ram scored 162 1/8 and had both a collar and an ear tag. On the first day of the hunt we got caught in a wild and western hailstorm. Bob got his ram on the last day of the hunt at an elevation of 12,000 ft. With his heart still pounding from the stalk, he made a great shot at 180 yards. Congratulations Bob.

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  • Location: White Mtns, CA
  • Year: 2012-2013
  • Elevation: 12,000' Feet
  • Score: 162 1/8
  • Distance: 180 Yards

Jacob Dunn (2012-2013)

“Sweet Sixteen” - Sixteen is the minimum age to apply for a sheep tag in California. Sixteen-year-old Jacob Dunn drew his tag in the Sheep Hole Mountains. He took this ram at 93 yards after a 6-¾ hour stalk. He walked a total of 9 miles with a pack on his back and a smile on his face. This was the largest ram to come out of the Sheep Holes this year and the 5th largest ever in the unit. The hunt made memories that will last a lifetime for both he and his dad Jack Dunn. Thanks guys, it was a special hunt for us also.

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  • Location: Sheep Hole Mtns, CA
  • Year: 2012-2013
  • Distance: 93 yards

Caleb Crawford (2012-2013)

Caleb Crawford is the “happiest guy on the planet” after taking this beautiful ram in the Orocopia Mountains, CA. His dad Bob Crawford accompanied him on the hunt.  All his training and hard work paid off with a good shot at 170 yards and a brutal 9 mile pack out. The 10-year-old ram scored 182 1/8 B&C and was the largest ram taken in the state during the 2012-13 season. Thank you Bob and Caleb.

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  • Location: Oroccopia Mtns, CA
  • Year: 2012-2013
  • Score: 182 1/8 B&C
  • Distance: 170 Yards
  • Largest Ram Taken in State 2012-2013 Season

Kurt Lanning (2012-2013)

Kurt had to over come some serious health issues to do this sheep hunt in California’s Marble/Clipper hunt unit. His wife Mary Margaret who is a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant was a big part of all that. Kurt took this “great old warrior” with an excellent 364-yard shot from his 308 Norma Mag. The ram scored 181 1/8 B&C and was the second largest ram in the state this year and the oldest by far. It is also the largest ram ever taken in the unit. Kurt and his 14-year-old ram will receive the “Oldest Ram of the Year” award as well as the “Patriarch Award." Congratulations Kurt!

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  • Location: Marble/Clipper Mtns
  • Year: 2012-2013
  • Score: 181 1/8 B&C
  • Distance: 364 Yards
  • Award: Oldest Ram of the Year & Patriarch Award

Gary Bloxham (2012-2013)

Gary walked a lot of miles and looked at a lot of different rams in his ten days of hunting. He harvested this nice ram on the last day of his hunt with a 300-yard shot from his 7MM. It was a good hunt and a fun adventure with a new friend. Thank you Gary.


  • Distance: 300 Yards

Tom Fowler (2012-2013)

Tom drew his tag in the Marble/Clipper mountain ranges. He passed on a similar ram, at 218 yards on day two of the hunt.  He got this very nice old ram late in the evening on the last day of his hunt. Tom’s ram scored 163 B&C and was 11 years old. He made an excellent shot at 408 yards with his 338 ultra mag. Congratulation Tom! It was a fun hunt thank you.


  • Location: Marble/Clipper Mtns, CA
  • Year: 2012-2013
  • Score: 163 B&C
  • Distance: 408 Yards

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