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Glenn Davis

California Goodale Hunt

In 2018-2019 Glenn hunted with us and took a great 170” desert bighorn. Lightning struck twice and Glenn drew a G3 hunt in California and killed this awesome 5x5 buck on the first day of the hunt! Congratulations Glenn always fun hunting with you and your son Bryan.

Walt Limon

B&C Ram
17+ yrs. old

Walt is in the record book for the oldest ram ever taken by a hunter. California Fish and Wildlife biologists aged this ram at 17+ yrs old but stated it was possibly as old as 20. We had been watching this ram for many years but no one had been able to get on him during the season. We were lucky enough to catch this ram bedded by himself and Walt sealed the deal at 375yds. Walt received the CWSF award for oldest ram in California.


Chris Francis

Raffle Tag Winner
Cady Mountains

Chris began his hunt in November
On a DIY archery hunt. He hit it hard every week looking over numerous rams before he decided to book his hunt with us. We were very fortunate to get him on this old hammer and Chris made a great 300yd. Shot to put him down! Congratulations Chris on your great ram. It was a pleasure hunting with you.


James Doering

Clark/Kingston Mountains
Largest Ram taken in the State

Jim at 80 years young received the award from CWSF for the largest ram harvested in the State!
Jim took this great ram on the very first day of his hunt. Jim wasted no time killing this ram in his bed at 250 yds. Congratulations Jim on your super ram!


Jamey Drury

Cady Mountains

South Bristol Mountains

Jamey took time off most of the season and hunted DIY. He spent many hours hiking and glassing in a unit that can be very difficult to turn up sheep. He decided to give us a call and we were happy to get him on this really nice ram to finish off his hunt. Great hunting with you Jamey!

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