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Ed was lucky enough to have drawn two desert sheep tags. About 5 years prior he had drawn a sheep tag in Nevada and had taken a nice ram. Since he had already killed a desert he was set on taking a book ram on this hunt in the Marble/Clippers. This was one tough hunt, putting in miles every day and looking over many rams. On the eighth day of his hunt, Ed finally sealed the deal on this handsome old warrior. Thank you Ed for putting your confidence in Dry Creek Outfitters!

When we first booked Brad’s hunt in the Newberry/Rodman/Ord mountains, he asked if his son Casey could also come along on the hunt. We explained to him that we always welcome a hunter to bring along a friend or relative to experience their once in a lifetime hunt.

Being with his father during this hunt and watching him take this great ram will leave him with memories that will last a lifetime. Congratulations Brad! It was our pleasure hunting with you and Casey.

When Greg called to book his hunt with us he asked about the unit he drew and what to expect. We explained to him that the Newberry/Rodman/Ord unit was a hunt in which he would be seeing a lot of sheep and was one of the most exciting hunts in the State.
The unit did not disappoint! And finding this desert hammer was just icing on the cake!

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